Sustainable management

Sustainable Development is a very long and unending journey. With focus on sustainable development, our company will create excellent products to serve our customers. This is not only to give the responsibility and guarantee of our customers, but also to ensure the stability and continuity of the organization itself.


Innovation、Research and development

As a pioneer in innovation, research and development, San-Shen continues to develop new products and to move forward taking on new challenges and building on our success.



"Customers Foremost and Service First" are our top priorities. With this principle, we always serve customers sincerely and in happy mood to let our customers feel amiable and satisfied with us.


・Honesty・Refinement・High quality・

San-Shen is a professional grain drying equipment manufacturer. Magasun is our brand. Mainly produces are all kind of grain dryer and cereals equipment. We have high market share rate in Taiwan. Exports to China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Africa. Welcome to visit us.


San-Shen Agricultural Machinery
Science and Technology Co., LTD.

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